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Intelligent Parental Control Alert System will evaluate suspicious activities of a child, based on his messages from social networks, messengers or image sites. We want to handle cyberbullying, blackmailing, sexting, drug abuse and other similar unpleasant circumstances. The Intelligent Parental Control Alert System will monitor and decide whether the child has a serious issue based on all the facts collected from these sources. In case of suspicious activity, the parents are contacted immediately via email, so they could take action in just the right time to prevent any possible traumas of the child.



Did you notice that every time your child sits down by the computer, a question immediately pops up in your mind: Is my kid safe? Is he not under pressure? Does he not get laughed at? Does he have the right friends? Does he search for information and problems that are appropriate for his age?

Children are innocent and unknowing, they need to be out of harm’s way in the internet world. Do not let them grow up in fear, which can result in various traumatic situations. With our app and under your control, your child will be more protected and more safe in the online environment.



The parent is the main representative of the child, his idol who guides him, raises him and takes care of him. Until adulthood comes, the child is underage and has to be protected by us – the parents.We are the ones who should check on the children and take action when needed, because we are responsible for them.


Everyone has been through the unbearable fear that something might happen to your kids. Get rid of that helpless feeling of not knowing what your child is going through, what bothers him, mortifies him or makes him angry. You do not need to feel like you cannot help your beloved children! Many parent-child relationships are far from perfect. It is a rare moment when the child wants to open up about his problems. He needs to be understood, encouraged and to have someone to lean on.

Kids are very likely to slip and get on the wrong path, that is why they resort to the internet, the easily accessible social networks within the virtual world. This is where they search for direction, friends and solutions to problems. But this is also where a person becomes the most vulnerable, often meeting new acquaintances and trusting the wrong crowd.


Sometimes, it is not easy to find out why the child is sad and withdrawn. But if the right information comes early enough, we could help, give advice and solve the whole situation.

Even if the parent himself needs advice, the psychological advisory service Parental Control Community is where you can find answers to your problems from real psychologists – which comes free within the licence price!


All features of the Parental Control app for android 4.4.2+:


android app parental control 4.4.2+




Ready-made mobile & tablet:

Buy new mobile phone or tablet in original packing where our parental control system is already pre-installed – just needs to be switched on!


About us: 

We are a small team that cooperates with people from various countries. For over six months, we are developing the Parental Control system together. To finish up the system, we are going to need another team of people.


The first concept of this software was created for personal reasons, by a parent who was afraid seeing his child sitting by the computer, surfing on the internet and using social networks. Even though a lot of people do not see these dangers, there a giant number of them. All that is needed is that the child creates an account on a social network, shares mutual friends and eventually ends up in a place he should not be at. Nowadays, in the mobile internet age, we are online almost everywhere. The kids take pictures, write their opinions and explore the endless possibilities of online communication.




  • Intelligent Parental Control Alert System – the system intelligently evaluates words, sentences or photos from networks and messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp,Skype, etc… In case of cyberbullying, sexting, blackmail, drug abuse and similar, the parents will be informed by e-mail so they could prevent any potential problems in time.
  • Parental Control Community – psychological advisory service with professional psychologists for FREE in the price of the licence.
  • Ready-made mobile – new mobile phone in original packing where our parental control system is already pre-installed – just needs to be switched on!
  • Parental Control Live Support 24/7 – Our team will be ready for all your questions 24 hours a day.
  • Available in many languages including Intelligent Parental Control Alert System – English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian,…
  • We also want to make it available for Apple, Windows phone and Windows PC.